Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stimulating the Economy?

Provide your students with the ability to track what's happening in their government.

President Obama is not wasting time during his first days in office. In an unprecedented maneuver, he granted his first interview as President of the United States to Middle East television network, Al-Arabiya, symbolically ushering in a new age of negotiations with the region. While the world continues to process this historic gesture, he has moved on to tackle the next issue. The economy.

President Obama's stimulus plan, an $865 billion dollar economic recovery plan, will most likely be voted on today in the House, and this is just the first step. Next up, the bill must pass the Senate, followed by a conference report which must pass both houses before reaching the president's desk.

Students can track the progress of this bill, and any other legislation at the Citizen's Help Desk. By simply entering in their zip code, they can see what issues are being debated in Washington D.C., how their representatives voted on their behalf, and write a letter to their congress person voicing their opinion.

It is the "one stop shop" for civic engagement. With this comprehensive, user friendly resource, students can stay informed and get involved with their government in a few easy clicks.


  1. For a student perspective on this issue, please access my web page at and click on the links found at the top of the page, which will access student blogs on President Obama’s stimulus package (US History 2 or US History 1-3 sections). It is quite interesting what students have to say on this issue.

    By the way, this blog is taking place at a small school on the rocky coast of Maine approximately an hour plus north of Portland. The high school has a population of approximately 280 students with the blogs being done in one junior level class (US 2) and the three sophomore level classes (US 1). If you would like more information on using student blogs, please feel free to contact me at

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