Friday, March 6, 2009

In the News: Same-Sex Marriage

This week, the battle over same-sex marriage made its way back to the California Supreme Court. Last May, the Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. In November, 52% of voters in California chose to amend their state constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Now, the Court is hearing arguments over whether or not they should uphold the will of the voters or deem the amendment unconstitutional. This is a hot-button issue that has people on every side of the argument passionately pleading their case.

The National Constitution Center has a variety of ways to get your students in the conversation. Track the latest developments in the California Supreme Court case on the Constitution Newswire, where you and your students can read full news stories on this and many other topics. You can also download the Town Hall Wall that asks the question, "Should same-sex couples have the right to marry?" and is currently on display at the National Constitution Center. Town Hall Walls inform your students and get them deliberating current events.

For a deeper consideration, your students can investigate the court cases and constitutional amendments that are at the heart of this most recent battle in the civil rights arena when they use the Interactive Constitution and Constitutional Timeline.

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