Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obama's Hundred Days Lesson Plan

April 30th marks the end of Obama's Hundred Days... and it is just around the corner!!! These hundred days have gone by very quickly and have been jam-packed with issues concerning the economy, the war, and the environment. How is our 44th president doing?

It is important for our students to know that they are not the only ones getting a "report card". In fact, the president seems to get a progress report after every action he makes (or does not make). Like it or not, evaluations are a part of life! But this time, your students should be the ones evaluating his actions. Doing this is not an easy task; it requires your students to know what the expectations of the president are and to be comfortable with the relevant issues.

The National Constitution Center presents a lesson plan to help your students assess Obama's performance in the first Hundred Days. Use this ready-to-print-and-duplicate lesson to incorporate current events in your classroom. This no-fuss lesson plan includes a student handout as well as a teacher guide to help your class assess and discuss Obama's presidency and current issues facing the nation. The lesson utilizes the Constitution Center's Newswire and is an excellent way to have your students review the duties of the executive branch as well as familiarize themselves with this current administration. You can access this lesson by clicking here.

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