Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Week in Being We, the People

Students in both Kabul and Philadelphia have been hard at work. The students are now focusing on one theme per week to document through video and photography. This week, students examined "Commerce" and the results were remarkable.

After the class explored the various meanings of the theme, and where "commerce" is found in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the U.S. Constitution, students went into their communities to document their personal interpretation of commerce.

The students in Philadelphia and Kabul have begun to share their insights on the project and each others work on Shutterfly at

Over the next week, students are considering the various interpretations of "Expression." In class, students were asked to consider the following questions:
What various forms of expression are protected in the Constitution?
How do you express yourself?
How do people express themselves without using words?

Based on the discussion that took place, this week's pictures promise to be the best yet.

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