Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ripped from the Headlines!

Here at the National Constitution Center, we encourage teaching with current events, particularly those with constitutional connections.

Instead of scouring newspapers for relevant articles, the Constitution NewsWire is a great resource to find up-to-the minute news stories. The Constitution NewsWire can be viewed on the Center’s website, or for added convenience, you can have it sent directly to you through e-mail or RSS.

Some of today’s headlines include:

Pennsylvania House Panel Approves Hate Crimes Bill

Pennsylvania Casino Licensing Put under Scrutiny by Grand Jury

Push for Same Sex Marriage in NJ Faces Uncertain Future

Sen. Robert Byrd becomes Longest-serving Congress Member

AP Poll: Government Health Plan Divides Public

You may want to instruct your students to read one of the articles on the NewsWire prior to each class. You can then discuss with them the constitutional connections in the article. Ask students which constitutional issues or rights are relevant to the story. Students can also use the Interactive Constitution to find specific examples in the Constitution that apply.

You can also foster democratic deliberation in your classroom by asking students where they stand on the issues presented, and discuss the differing perspectives and opinions.

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