Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Victory for the GOP!

Both Republican candidates won the hotly contested races for governor in New Jersey and Virginia yesterday. The results of which many pundits consider an indication of President Obama's current popularity, and the future clout of his administration and the Democrats in Congress.

Republican Chris Christie beat incumbent Jon Corzine for the first statewide won election in New Jersey in 12 years, a massive victory in a state with a daunting democratic advantage. In Virginia, a state that during the presidential election last year, voted for a Democrat in Barack Obama for the first time since 1964, went back to tradition by electing Republican Robert McDonnell over Creigh Deeds.

The political talk shows are all abuzz with talk that these elections will help the GOP fight back against the troubles their party has had since Obama assumed the presidency. Talk to your students about why this is. How does a Republican governor affect the White House? Congress? Should Obama be worried? Why?

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