Monday, March 8, 2010

My Years in High School

Teaching is certainly a challenging profession, as well as a rewarding one. Newly published, this little book by a veteran high school teacher details the trials and tribulations of teaching in a 21st-century American public school.

From the book jacket:

"Writer and educator Marcos Puga gives a close-up view of what it's like to be a teacher, with a distinct and humorous voice. From the difficult to the delightful, his narrative is a wonderful tribute to students and how each has the uneniable right to quality education and what role the teacher plays in bringing out the best in his/her students. Meant to aid and inspire other teachers, parents, and yes, even students, this amusing book is filled with advice, anecdotes, and the heartfelt pride of what it means to be a teacher."


  1. I read it and it´s really good !

  2. Ironic I found this on this blog - I JUST finished reading "My Years and High School" and it was definitely a worthwhile read, especially for all us teachers out there who have ever braved public schooling.